School of Religion Student Vision Survey

Please take a moment to fill-out the following questions.  Your answers will be compiled and presented to the administration of the School of Religion.  The dean's office will review the responses as part of an effort to craft a reasonable long-term plan for the School.  The plan will then be presented to CGU administration and the Board of Trustees in March.  A dean's forum will be forthcoming explaining the direction of the School that was derived in part through the faculty, staff and student surveys.

  1. How will our field/discipline(s) change by 2010?


  2. Who will our students be? How will we recruit and keep our students?

  3. What should students expect from their advisors?

  4. Who will our faculty be? How will we recruit them, and what role should
    students play in the recruitment process?

  5. What resources do we need to provide for students to transition to
    professional careers?

  6. Please complete the sentence. In five years I would like the CGU School
    of Religion to be known for:

  7. Are there schools or departments that offer programs that you feel we should
    study closely over the next five years and why?

  8. CGU, like the majority of private institutions, derives most of its annual operating
    budget from tuition. Endowments, gifts, and grants represent additional sources.
    The School of Religion is seeking to decrease the portion of its budget that depends
    on tuition by developing new resources. How do you think SoR should accomplish this?

  9. How do you perceive the role of deans? What will be their primary responsibilities
    in 2010?

  10. Other suggestions or comments about the future of the School of Religion?

Author: Brent A. Smith
Copyright 2003 [RSC]. All rights reserved.
Revised: 02/18/03