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2004 Spring BBQ

Friday, 23 April 2004

For those of you who missed it (or those of you who want to relive it), Pat Horn grilled dinner for about 100 people; Arsenal, the live band, rocked the house; we learned the subtle nuances of working a cotton candy machine (such as how NOT to get the cotton  candy all over your arm), and what other objects work well once you run out of the cotton candy cones (such as paper plates or plastic cups); BBQ goers experimented with vodka & cherry syrup sno-cones; there was a transdisciplinary keg-tapping that required students from Religion, Cultural Studies and English; and we all enjoyed the bounce house...until it collapsed in the middle of a rousing game of Elimination.  

Associate Dean Pat Horn, grill master extraordinaire

Amanda (A&H), Eileen (WSR), Margaret (WSR) and Dean Karen Torjesen

Arsenal rocks the house (Gabe (HC) on left)

Sarah (Tammi's daughter) and Ian (Pat's son) test the bounce house...funny, it didn't implode until the grad students all piled in!

Katie (PRT), Sara (HC), Wendy, JR (PRT), and Jocelyn (WSR)

Eileen, Phyllis, Stephanie, Janelle, Sonya, Sara, Kahena (all WSR), and Dena (AWS)

Robert, Jacquelyn, Brenda and Mark (all PRT)

The Arts and Humanities table: Ambereen, Amanda, Mark, Corina, Pete, Nancy, Stacey, and Ellen

Amanda OWNS the sno-cone machine

Stacey and Ellen master the cotton candy machine

Jackie and John enjoy a beer

Arsenal tunes up (Mateo (HC) on drums)

"Action" shot: Devin and Mateo consider an extension cord crisis for the band.