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Click here to read about the School of Religion Teaching Practica Series. For more information, please contact Catherine Tuell.

Click here to read about CGU's Preparing Future Faculty Program.

Career Development Networking
The School of Religion is working to enhance its career development program for its
graduate students. This involves establishing contacts with colleges and making them aware
of our excellent and varied pool of graduate students for teaching positions. In addition, our
students will gain invaluable teaching experience. This effort would be greatly jump-started if
those of us who have already boldly gone where those of us have not yet ventured would
share their expertise. To that end, we are asking our students to enhance this networking
efforts by filling out the following form:

Email Address
Program Level
Are you teaching any adjunct courses? (Check box for yes)
If so, where?
What courses?
Who is your supervisor for these positions?
Are you planning to teach these or other courses next semester? (check for yes)
If you are not teaching, would you like help to find a position for next semester? (check for yes)
Any comments?

Be sure to check your email for updates from the School of Religion regarding the Preparing Future Faculty program, job announcements, and other noteworthy items. Please also check out our Links section for links to other resources for career development. Any suggestions for this section of our site? Email the Tech Officer: