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David Jackson - Religion Student Council Chair (HB)
Name: David H. Jackson
Program: Ph.D, Hebrew Bible. 4th year -- working on major papers.
Came from: Oxford, Great Britain (Long story -- born in Britain, grew up
in USA especially in SoCal and NoCal, spent most of my adult life in the
Netherlands and the UK).
Former (and current) life: Ordained Episcopal Priest.
RSC positions: HB Rep, HB Mentor, Chair
Hobbies: Foreign films, traveling, languages, Star Trek (any
incarnation -- but I won't put on a silly costume!).
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Gabe Aguirre -  Social Coordinator/Technology Officer (HC)
Name: Gabriel David Aguirre
Birth Place: Monterey Park, CA. Born and raised in Southern California
and yet I don't surf or like the beach.
RSC positions: HC Rep, Social chair
Program: History of Christianity, with a particular interest in the
early period, but gaining interest in the modern.
Education: I received degrees in History and Religion from the
University of Southern California (fight on!) and entered CGU's Ph.D
program, in H.C., in the fall of 2002. My research interests are in
looking at how Christianity is used in social movements particularly in
the Latino community.
Career objectives: In no particular order; 1) rock star 2) Film maker
3) Educator.
Misc. & Hobbies: Long walks on the beach, training bears to ride
bicycles, learning how to harness my touch of death move, and most
importantly serving the HC students of CGU. My top five Albums of all
time, again in no particular order: 1) miles davis - kind of blue 2)
radiohead - ok computer 3) the shins - oh, inverted world 4) U2 -
Joshua Tree 5) Arsenal - everything they write.   Email me, I love emails.  
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Clint Combs - Liaison to CST Student Council (PRT)
Clint is a cancer and enjoys all things water:  deep thoughts
(metaphysics), swimming pools (he works on pool equipment for a living), ice
skating (he used to be a competitive ice dancer), and swimming in the
enchanting eyes of his beautiful wife.
  Clint spent his youth annoying his parents, their friends and his
grandparents' minister with philosophical and theological  questions.  (But
who created God?  How can something come from nothing? )  Much later,
finding that his dual major in mathematics and philosophy from Wichita State
University was not enough to answer these questions, his continuing  search
led him to read Whitehead, which in turn led him to Claremont.  He is
currently writing a dissertation that includes a systematic presentation of
Whitehead's ethics.
  Finding that writing a dissertation while running a small business gives
one entirely too much free time, Clint and his wife Delores have started a
nonprofit corporation (Forgotten Souls Redeemed) dedicated to helping
troubled youth.

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Devin Kuhn - Newsletter Editor, Technology Officer (WSR)
 I earned my B.A. in English with a double-minor in Theology and Women's Studies from Georgetown University.  I'm an East Coast girl, having lived in Jersey for most of my life, with some brief stints in DC, NYC, and Italy.  That means I love Bruce; I root for the Yankees; I go down the shore, not to the beach; and I have an attitude (though I think most people would laugh at that last statement - at least until they know me better).  I finally made it west of the Mississippi for the first time in the fall of 2002, when I came to Claremont to pursue my Ph.D. in Women's Studies in Religion, concentrating in ethics of social justice.  I just ran my first marathon, the 2004 Mardi Gras marathon in New Orleans, while raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and I'm planning on backpacking around Ireland this summer.  I'm particularly interested in fostering greater community at CGU, so if you've got any ideas, please let me know!
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Chris McKinney - Secretary (NT)
Chris received a B.A. in Church Growth and an M.A. in Ministry from Hope International University in Fullerton, California, before beginning his career as a missionary in the Asia. He took further graduate studies at Fuller Theological Seminary and the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary while planting churches and establishing a Bible college in the Philippines. He is engaged in Ph.D. studies in New Testament in pursuit of his interests in the New Perspective on Paul and the concept of covenant as a biblical hermeneutic.

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Chuck Smith - Development Officer/Treasurer (HB)
I have a strong interest in the history of the ancient Near East and archaeology. The last excavation was in Caesarea (Israel) where I served as the staff photographer. I can't wait to return to the field. I earned the BA and MA in Religion at Vanguard University of Southern California. My life reads like a travelogue: born in Southern California, moved to North Carolina as a toddler until elementary school, then to Japan until college back here in Southern California where I have lived for the past twenty years. I prefer to be outdoors so I engage, with camera in hand, in adventurous activities including as hiking, cycling, running and skiing. You might even catch me walking in big circles while reading in the IAC yard. (Libraries are indoors!)
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Katie Van Heest - Academic Enrichment Officer (WSR)
Crossing the street from Scripps College, I'm now your masters student representative.  It's an interesting position because we tend to identify ourselves more along the lines of program than degree, so I'd like to work on ways to target the MA experience in productive ways.  If anyone has ideas, send them here.  My own academic interests currently lie in two main areas.  The first is Pauline studies, especially from a perspective that seeks to produce responsible feminist analysis with respect to contemporary Jewish-Christian relations.  The second is an exploration of the effects of technological development and globalization on cultural and social interactivity and the role of the text.  Long term, I want to work with college or high school students, using religious studies and feminism as wedges into teaching critical thinking.  Short term goals are to master chopsticks and become a morning person.
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