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Brent Smith - Council Chair (HC)
Brent moved to Claremont from Kansas City in 2000.  He drug with him his understanding wife, Carole, and two naive daughters, Chauni and Cassi (naive because he told them they'd go to the beach everyday).  Coming to the School of Religion was the culmination of a long, circular journey.  It began at Arizona State University, where he received both a B.A. and M.A.
in History.  While at university, he was employed at the AT&T data center in Mesa (something about food and shoes for the girls--they're so demanding).  After completing course work, he suffered from the delusion that it would be alright to transfer to the data center in Orlando,
Florida.  Experiencing all that Florida had to offer, he and his wife quickly decided that it was wrong to be this Disney happy and transferred to the operations center in Kansas City.  Through the patient encouragement of his wife, he managed to complete his thesis, whilst studying French, German, Latin, and Greek at UMKC.  She was also very kind in letting him attend the American School of Classical Studies in Athens and dig in Israel.  At last, tired of the money and being able to buy whatever they wanted, Brent and Carole decided it was time for him to go back to graduate school--the only criteria being they should send him to the most expensive institution in the Southwest.  Taking the vow of 'graduate' poverty, Brent developed keen interests in early Christian asceticism, especially in the Syriac Orient, where continuous depravation seems to have led to some practitioners to mount 'not ivory' towers.


Amy DeLorenzo - Academic Enrichment Officer (NAR)
I'm new to the Claremont scene.  Just arrived a few short months ago from Columbus, Ohio where I received an MA in Women's Studies and an AA in American Sign Language Interpreting.  I was a busy woman.  Interpreting by day and promoting the revolution by night.  I'm big into grassroots organizing.  I was especially involved with the Columbus effort to make abortion accessible to all women by providing funding, childcare, transportation, you name it.  Now it's my first year as a WSR PhD student and I'm still working on the transition.  I am the advisor to the Queer Resource Center which serves all 7 campuses,  and I work in the office with Jackie pretty regularly.  So, you'll probably see me around. As for the RSC, I'm a WSR rep. and also one of the two student reps to the newly formed Claremont Graduate Council on Religion. CGCR is a group of faculty from the School of Religion and CST coming together to brainstorm and assist one another in the kind of growth that can only come from collaboration. 

J.R. Hustwit - Technology Officer (PRT)
J.R. came to Claremont from the wilds of Austin, TX. He got his BA in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin after also studying at the University of Pittsburgh. His research interests are legion, but they include religious pluralism, hermeneutics, ecology and theology, and the concepts of unity and diversity. J.R. is also somewhat suspicious of autobiographical paragraphs written in the third person. In addition to maintaining the RSC webpage, J.R. also maintains the Center for Process Studies website and is the editor of Process Perspectives. In his sparetime, J.R. likes to hike, listen to live music, read, and lament the lack of time for fishing.

Alan Van Wyk - GSC Representative (TEC)
For the past few years, I have moved around the country a bit, living in seven cities, and three states, picking up a BA in philosophy and an MA in theology along the way, although with all the more important things going on, these academic achievements seem like incidentals. I am currently preparing for my qualifying exams in the TEC program, preperations which should occupy most of my time this academic year. Here at Claremont, I have tried to find a place for myself within the critical theory world of cultural studies, on the one hand, and a certain 'classical' American philosophical and theological tradition on the other. I am moving towards a dissertation that will be looking at the spaces between Whitehead and process thought, Judith Butler, and Mikhail Bakhtin.

Sonya Gravlee - Liason to CST Student Council (WSR)
Although originally from Alabama, I lived in Texas for 14 years before moving a couple of years ago to SoCal and CGUís Womenís Studies in Religion program.  In my pre-CGU days, I earned a BA in English at Samford University in Bama, an MDiv in Texas, and was ordained a minister in the United Church of Christ.  For 8 years or so, I served as a campus minister and local church pastor in West Texas.  Currently, Iím tying-up loose ends in coursework (you know, those pesky breadth classes and so forth) and then will begin studying for quals.  My research interests include gender theory, peace studies, feminist theology and film, constructive theologies in general, and women in religion.  After CGU, I hope to combine my loves of both ministry and teaching as a Chaplain at some lucky college.  As the former WSR assistant to our beloved dean, WSR mentor and current editor of the WSR newsletter, I can usually find answers to any questions you may have about WSR, so ask away.  More importantly, please send me your ideas for the Council, as well as ideas for joint events/projects with CST students.