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25 April 2004

5:00 Hagelbargers. Clint Combs, David Jackson, Devin Kuhn, Chris McKinney,
Eileen Mello, and Chuck Smith were present.

Spring BBQ. We reviewed the Spring BBQ--it was a great social event. There
was plenty to eat and drink.

The next RSC social is scheduled for May 7, 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the IAC; we
may change this to 4:00-6:00. David will bring Trivial pursuit, and the RSC
recreation equipment is available. We should order at least 6 pizzas, plus
breadsticks, a veggie tray, drinks (including "girlie drinks"--hard
lemonades, Smirnoff, etc.). [David will get the drinks, I'll take care of
the food (check with Amani's in Upland), Devin will do advertising.]

Devin suggested people who set up not be automatically responsible for
"running" the party. There was an official complaint about the
cleanup--specifically the garbage (inside and outside--bags need to be tied
closed and put in dumpsters).

Treasurer's report. Chuck distributed a financial report. Some changes and
additions were made (see attached; expenses for invitations, bounce house,
etc. were added).

David suggested by next RSC meeting we be started on one or more notebooks
of procedures to make the handover to new RSC offiers go more smoothly.

For the next meeting May 17, David will be responsible for food. We'll try
to meet that evening in the IAC fro 7:00-8:30.

We need to distribute the workload for writing articles for the RSC
newsletter for equitably. People should come to May's meeting prepared to
discuss this.

There was a suggestion to sponsor a Dodgers trip before people head home
after the semester--perhaps the RSC could pay for the tickets or

There was some discussion about what we as students should try to convey at
tomorrow's Board of Visitors meeting in Pasadena. We should emphasize the
building of community between religions, and the benefit increased funding
could bring to CGU. Some sensitivity to the role religion is playing in
world events is also appropriate.

Some suggestions for retreat venues: David's house, Dean Torjesen's cabin.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30.


Minutes for 29 March 2004

5:00 Hagelbargers. Gabe Aguirre, Clint Combs, David Jackson, Chris McKinney, Eileen Mello, and Chuck Smith were present.

There was some question of whether the RSC mailing list was working; several
messages had been sent regarding the meeting but none received. Gabe will
check with IT regarding this.

The Spring BBQ will be April 23 in the backyard of the IAC, 5:00-9:00;
Katie, David, and Chuck will coordinate. Eileen will make posters to post in
the IAC regarding this. Chuck will send out notification to the RELSTU
listserv. Gabe will line up the musical entertainment.

The March RSC social has been cancelled.

There has been very low turnout to the Celebrity Poker events. Further
events will be planned if some others on RSC are willing to attend.


Minutes for 05 February 2004

5:00 Hagelbargers. Gabe Aguirre, Clint Combs, David Jackson, Devin Kuhn, Chris McKinney, Eileen Mello, Chuck Smith, and Katie Van Heest were present.

PRT is trying to get a forum scheduled; they're looking for someone to present a paper. HC is also trying to organize a department dinner. WSR has been reviewing their academic program; there has been a great deal of dissatisfaction expressed, particularly with Major Interpreters and research language issues.

Chuck distributed copies of the Treasurer's report. It was decided to disburse $50 to Devin for her work on the new issue of Smoke Signals, the official newsletter of the RSC.

Future RSC meetings will be at 5:00 p.m. March 1 at Hagelbarger's, March 29, April 26, and May 17.

The Spring BBQ will be April 23 in the backyard of the IAC, 5:00-9:00; Katie, David, and Chuck will coordinate. RSC socials will be 4:00-6:00 p.m. Feb. 18 (Eileen & Devin), a 11:00-1:00 p.m. brunch Mar. 25 (Gabe & Clint), and 6:00-8:00 May 7 (Chris & Devin & Gabe).

Our first Poker night/happy hour will be Feb. 19, 9:00. Devin & Eileen will coordinate.

Major Interpreters. There has been dissastisfaction expressed by many students with Major Interpreters. David reported that a one-day addition has been made recently, "Sacred Scriptures." "It's old dead white guys (male, pale, and stale)," "It's not relevant," etc. The class is meant to be the one course that all SoR students experience together.

Clint suggested "Claremont Religion" with components representing CGU SoR's various concentrations. One student suggested "Teaching Religion 101" (similar to the History Deptartment's "Teaching Western Civ 101"). We could combine both suggestions. Professors from each concentration could share the teaching load. ABD students who are teaching religion already could come in and teach. Another student suggested a class about the issues and problemmatics about teaching religion.

We want to come up with several sample syllabi to present to the SoR administration. We'll put together a student committee to work on this. Eileen and Devin will organize this, Clint and Gabe will also be involved. A meeting will be called for Thursday, Feb. 12 at 2:00 p.m. Devin will reserve a room for this.

Discussion of the RSC Constitution was tabled until the next meeting. RSC should also be thinking of next year's schedule, budget, etc.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.


Minutes for December 2003

4:30 p.m. The Press. Clint Combs, David Jackson, Devin Kuhn, Chris McKinney,
Chuck Smith, and Katie Van Heest were present.

David is going to look into the benefits and issues in establishing a
graduate chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa at CGU. He will also check out joining
up with the undergrad chapter already present at the Claremont Colleges.

Chris reported that he had neglected to get flowers for Catherine Dickerson
in gratitude for hosting the RSC's welcome reception this semester. He
suggested the RSC get her a Christmas gift--perhaps a gift card--instead. It
was agreed to purchase a gift card from Borders for her in the amount of
fifty dollars.

The Institute for Signifying Scriptures is being launched February 27-28.

NT, TEC, and PRT have had advising lunches recently.

A Treasurer's report was distributed and discussed. The costs for November's
RSC meeting have not yet been included.

Chuck distributed copies of the RSC Constitution. He drew attention to
Article III, which prescribes publicized, open RSC meetings. We should all
review the Constitution before our next meeting.

Next meeting to be decided. RSC members should e-mail their Spring class
schedules. Ideally, we could come up with a regular meeting time each month.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:40


Minutes for 6 September 2003

9:00-11:30 a.m. Mt. Baldy Notch

Chuck Smith, Devin Kuhn, Katie Van Heest, Brent Smith, Gabe Aguirre, David
Jackson, J. R. Hustwit, Clint, Combs, and Chris McKinney were present.

Treasurer's report. Chuck distributed copies of this year's budget. It is
the same as last year's. Expenses so far this year include the fall social
and J.R.'s honorarium from last semester.

About $1600 of last year's money remained unspent and went back to CGU's
general fund. What we don't spend does not roll-over to the next year.

We discussed new items that could be added to our budget. Ideas included
using some of our budget to encourage SoR students to publish or present
papers, and to fund a social activist group. No decisions need to be made
now, but we should be thinking of new ways to serve RSC students.

Chris is to send Catherine Dickerson flowers (from Sherwood Florist) in
gratitude for hosting the fall social.

There is a new CST parking fee ($30 per semester), however, CGU students are
exempt. Apparently there will also be restrictions on where CGU students
will be able to park.

Newsletter. Devin will take over responsibility for getting out the RSC


Socials      Thu Sept 25 4:00
                Fri Oct 24 BBQ 5:30
                Wed Nov 12
                Tue Dec 9
(Gabe will clear dates w/ Sonya)
RSC mtgs. will be 4:15 Hagelbargers on the 1st Thursday ea. month: Oct. 2,
Nov. 6, and Dec. 4

Social organizers
September                 Devin, Chuck
BBQ (October)            Chris, Clint
November                 Katie, David
December                 Gabe

RSC members & officers

Name Area Office
Chris McKinney NT Secretary
Devin Kuhn WSR Newsletter
Katie Van Heest M.A. Acad. Enrich.
David Jackson HB Chair
Chuck Smith HB Treasurer
Clint Combs PRT CST Liaison
Mary Jane O'Donnell RNA GSC Rep
Gabe Aguirre HC Socials/Mentoring
Alan Van Wyk TEC

Office Name
Social Coordinator/Mentoring Officer Gabe
Chair David
Secretary Chris
Treasurer Chuck
CST Liaison Clint
Academic Enrichment Katie
Newsletter Devin
Technology Officer Devin/Gabe

Devin and Gabe will decide between themselves which one will maintain the
website, which will maintain the SoR student database, which will handle
even communications, etc.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris B. McKinney

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