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Minutes for 04/25/03

The Meeting was convened Friday April 25th at 12:30pm with lunch provided by JR Hustwit. Those present were Brent Smith, David Jackson, Alyn van Wyk, Katie van Hess, Sonya Gravlee and Chuck Smith.

 Brent welcomed the new members Katie van Hess and Gabriel (HC). 

JR is still locked out of the RSC website and therefore is unable to update. This issue is and will continue to be dealt with through the IT department. Brent will try to apply more pressure. 

JR will be conducting a PRT forum May 1, 2003. 

Brent updated us on his recent trip to the Board of Visitors meeting. He also met with Assc. Dean Pat Horn to discuss the recent RSC Student Survey and the future curriculum of the school along with Dean Karen Torjesen. Both have agreed to give a brief presentation at the next RSC Social. 

CST has announced an expanded list of TA positions for the 2003-2004 school year. We will publish this to the RELSTU list for students to take advantage of.

 Considerable discussion revolved around the RSC Student Survey. In order to facilitate understanding the various answers, it was decided for each council member to take a question and note the "trends". Brent will send an email with question assignments.

 Discussion of the recent "audits" for the PRT and TEC programs indicated that many students weren't sure of the purpose and felt rather threatened to be called on the literal hot seat by faculty. As this will be repeated on a rotating basis for all programs, some education to help the students understand the purpose is necessary. In addition, it may be of use to use a third party for the "audits". 

Sonya noted the other events scheduled for our next RSC social on May 8th. After deliberation, it was decided to keep our event since the time (4-6pm) was not an issue and the fact that Dean Karen Torjesen is scheduled to address the students. Assc. Dean Pat Horn will also give a short presentation regarding the future curriculum. 

Alyn updated the group on the Graduate Student Council elections and focus of the next year. Issues addresses were the IT problems, food at the "5 C's", and healthcare. 

David informed us that he has never attended the committee meetings to which he was assigned. Evidently, the group has not met all year. We will look into this committee and others to determine which are important for us to be a part of.

 Chuck presented the budget report. The savings this year by using Costco and avoiding catering companies, according to Brent, have netted the council a fair residual. This can be applied to future socials and for an overnight RSC council retreat in August with sufficient funding.

 The RSC retreat has been set for August 15-16. Various venues were suggested including a mountain cabin, beach cabin, the Mission Inn in Riverside, other universities, the Malibu Hills Franciscan Retreat among others. Various members of the council will look into the possibilities of each. We expect to house 10-15 members (outgoing and incoming) with shared rooms (2 per room).

 Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Smith 

Minutes for 03/28/03

12:45 p.m. IAC Library.  Sonya Gravlee, J.R. Hustwit, David Jackson, Chris McKinney, Brent Smith, Chuck Smith, and Alan Van Wyk were present.

A significant amount of RSC food and beverages stored in the IAC refrigerator were reported missing.

The Spring Barbecue has been scheduled for April 11.  The IAC library and back yard have been reserved. Jackie will be asked to order tables set up. Pat Horn will flip burgers, J.R. and Chris will start setting up at 4:00
p.m., Ken Wright will bring his piano, and Alan and Sonya will clean-up.

J.R. reported that he still has no access to edit the RSC website. This will
be reported to Mark Macias. J.R. also needs to be made owner of the PRT

The May social will be held on the 8th.

Alan reported that the GSC sent recommendations to Dean Whittaker of CGU. He has indicated that he will respond to the recommendations in mid-April.

TEC students are planning a party for the second Wednesday of April.

Vincent Wimbush will be on campus around April 25.

Brent Smith will ask Dean Torjensen to present the School of Religion
program at the final RSC social.

The next meeting will be April 25.  J.R. will arrange lunch.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Chris B. McKinney

Minutes for 01/24/03

RSC Meeting 1/24/03 12:40 IAC. Amy DeLorenzo, Sonya Gravlee, J.R. Hustwit, David Jackson, Chris McKinney, Brent Smith, Chuck Smith, and Alan Van Wyk were present.

Chuck distributed copies of the financial report. Little activity this past

The next monthly social will be Thursday, January 30, 4:00-6:00 p.m.. J. R. and Chris will be present. Chris will arrange for food. The remaining socials will be February 26 (Chuck & J.R.), March 27 (David, Sonya, & J.R.), April 22 (Sonya & Amy), and May9 (Brent). We agreed to invite CST students to all the socials.

The Spring Party shall be Thursday, March 6. It will be a BBQ.

Upcoming RSC meetings will be February 28, March 28, and April 25 from 12:30 p.m. until 2:00.

All the data for an online student directory is ready: Name, program, degree, address, email, phone, etc. Access will not be public.

Monica Coleman has suggested to J. R. that Jackie keep a file of approved
dissertation proposals. Other schools do this. J. R. will pursue this.

All RSC bios have been submitted and should be appearing on the web page soon.

Sonya suggested the RSC send a card to Stephanie Sleeper. She had a baby just before Christmas. We agreed to do this.

The next GSC meeting is Wednesday. Alan will e-mail an update to the RSC after the meeting.

Brent distributed a proposed Dean's Survey for Capital Development Project. The RSC is being asked to assist in gathering student responses. We discussed revisions to the instrument to make it more appropriate for
students. We discussed whether to disseminate the survey using a web form or as an insert in the Newsletter; we'll do both.

We discussed holding a Dean's Forum, but decided not to schedule one at this time.

The Newsletter should be out Real Soon Now--many people are promising copy As Soon As Possible.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Chris B. McKinney

Minutes for 12/6/02

2:10 p.m. IAC.  J.R. Hustwit, Chris McKinney, Brent Smith, Chuck Smith, and Alan Van Wyk were present.

Chuck distributed copies of the Treasurer's Report.  The RSC balance is

The Council agreed to disburse fifty dollars to J. R. for maintenance of the
RSC web page.

CGU's proposed tuition increase was discussed.  There was agreement that the School of Religion should be raising more money for student aid.  While it may be true that CGU's tuition is in line with comparable institutions, at
those institutions the students typically don't actually pay the tuition
themselves (at CGU, 60% comes from student tuition).  We need to keep
pressure on faculties for research assistants, financial aid, grants, etc.
We will discuss this more in the spring--in the meantime, we can think of
possible ways forward.

Each council member is requested to contribute an article for the RSC
newsletter.  Drafts are due January 18.

The first social of spring will be held on Thursday, January 30.

The next RSC meeting will be Friday, January 24, at 12:30 in the IAC.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Chris B. McKinney

Minutes for 11/1/02

On November 1, 2002 Sonya Gravlee, Brent Smith, Amy DeLorenzo, Chuck Smith, J.R. Hustwit, and Alan Van Wyk were present for the November meeting of Claremont Graduate University’s Religion Student Council meeting.

A special thanks goes to Carol Smith for cooking a wonderful lasagna lunch for the council. 

None of the members present objected to any of last month’s agenda items.

Webmaster Report: J.R. reported that the piece-by-piece improvements to the website are underway. Look for a new header graphic soon. Also, the student directory will hopefully be online by spring.

Treasurer Report:  Chuck presented a corrected copy of the budget. New expenses were reported for the fall bbq, a social, and the PRT forum. We were under-budget for semester parties and the fall retreat, so we have extra available monies for departmental forums.

CST Liaison Report: Sonya reported that the CST council has not met since the last RSC meeting, but there are two upcoming meetings she plans on attending. A CST representative was again invited to our meetings, but no one showed.

GSC Liaison Report: Alan announced that the GSC surveys were completed and about 500 students responded. A majority of students expressed their dissatisfaction with student housing and financial aid. The GSC has a meeting with Steadman Upham in two weeks. Several RSC members chose this time to voice their outrage at a CGU television commercial that has been spotted at 2am.

Newletter Officer Report: Amy was informed about the whereabouts of the submissions box. She announced that she has a few submissions, but not enough. The submission deadline was 3 weeks ago. The newsletter should come out in late January.

Chair Report: Brent reported that he has begun the process of pursuing two scholarship / financial aid opportunities with the administration. The first scholarship would be for School of Religion students in the Quals stage, as students are most likely to receive aid in coursework and dissertation stages. Also, Brent discussed how important it is for students to attend AAR conferences, and brought up the possibility of the School of Religion to help students attend.

PRT Report: J.R. announced that the PRT students had had a forum, and discussed, among other things, the revitalization of PRT colloquia, student seminars, and the need for housing placement services for non-local new students.

WSR Report: Sonya announced that WSR had a salon to meet the new faculty: Ellen Marshall and Carol Leakey Heis.

TEC Report: Alan reported that Lori Anne Ferrell has offered to provide any assistance that TEC students who are drifting in the quals process may need.

NAR Report: The three NAR students have not officially met as a unit yet, but Amy will talk to them to see if they want to meet in an official way.

HC Report: Brent reported that HC, like PRT, will be starting a colloquia series and had a fall dinner.

The next meeting was planned for either 12/13/02 or 12/6/02.

The 11/1/02 meeting was then adjourned.

Minutes for 10/11/02

1:05 p.m. IAC.  Sonya Gravlee, J.R. Hustwit, David Jackson, Chris McKinney,
Brent Smith, Chuck Smith, and Alan Van Wyk were present.

The next RSC meeting will be November 1 at 12:00 at the IAC.

Brent thanked J.R., Sonya, Alan, and Amy for their help with the barbecue.
He expressed his appreciation to Sonya and Alan for helping with the Dean's
Forum.  He thanked Chris for taking notes at the forum.  And he thanked
Chuck for picking up lunch from the Rice Garden.

A FINANCIAL REPORT was distributed and discussed.  Some corrections were

The DEAN'S FORUM was discussed.  Was it productive?  Someone observed that
quals, languages, Major Interpreters, etc. are always discussed at such
meetings, but nothing seems to develop from the discussion.

Our representative to the CGCR was not informed of the last meeting.  Should
we seek representation at the CGU faculty meeting?  David will check into

It was noted that changes to program requirements originate with the
department faculty.

Do we want monthly mailings from the Dean--a "Dean's Report"?  The consensus
was that we do not want to make more work for the Dean; we can wait until
the Sprint Forum for an update.  However, we would like to hear via e-mail
of any big happenings.

The next SOCIAL will be Wednesday, October 30, at 4:00 p.m.

Sonya reported that she is trying to establish relations with the CST
STUDENT COUNCIL.  We should e-mail her with any matters to bring up there.

Alan reported on the GSC MEETING.  He asked us all to promote the survey.  A
budget was passed that included funding for clubs and $10,800 for travel
awards, among other things.  Anyone who wants to be an alternate
representative at these meetings is welcome to come along.

In view of club funding, we discussed whether we wanted to initiate a
Religion Honor Society chapter.  Brent will check into this further.

There was an opportunity for DEPARTMENTAL CONCERNS to be raised; none were.

The minutes from September 6 were read and approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Chris B. McKinney

Minutes for 9/6/02 Meeting

12:45 p.m. IAC.  Brent Smith, J.R. Hustwit, Alan Van Wyk, Amy DeLorenzo,
Chuck Smith, David Jackson, Sonya Gravlee, and Chris McKinney present.

Chuck Smith (HB) introduced himself and accepted the office of Treasurer.

Sonya Gravlee (WSR) introduced herself.

The following offices were declared vacant:  Social/Mentoring, MA rep.

Future meetings will be held the second Friday of each month at 12:30 p.m.
at the IAC.  The next meeting will be October 11.

Drafts of the RSC Constitution were distributed for later review.

A list of events and deadlines was reviewed.  The Fall Barbecue was
scheduled for October 3 from 6:00-9:00 p.m.  Monthly socials were sheculed
for Friday September 20, Wednesday October 30, Thursday November 19, and
Wednesday December 4.  Sonya is to make the appropriate facility
reservations.  Discussion of other events and deadlines was reserved for a
later meeting.

One-half of a Work Study unit has been assigned to RSC support.

Departmental Forums are to be handled on a department-by-department basis.
Some departments may want to meet without a faculty advisor in the interests
of candid discussion.  The forums should be scheduled after the Dean's
forum, at which time there should be an official authoritative update on
plans discussed last year.

The next issue of the RSC newsletter is scheduled for January.  The
contributions of the previous RSC officers will be acknowledged in this

The RSC agreed to get flowers for Catherine Dickerson, who hosted the New
Student Orientation cocktail party.  Amy will check with Sherwood Florist.

Alan gave a brief update on the recent GSC meeting, and will send an e-mail
regarding this.  Our consensus was to try to keep travel award funds in the
GSC budget and to keep the funds for travel.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Chris McKinney, RSC Secretary.

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