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Religion Student Council Minutes for April 11, 2001 Meeting

Members Present:  Dolly Bush, James Johnson, Mike Shufer, Matt Thomas, Jeanyne Slettom
Others Present: Janice Bakke, Tim Finlay, Don Peavy

Meeting ran from 4:08pm to 4:55pm

I. CST report (James Johnson): James shared that announcements to CST students should now go to Karen Dalton, the Dean of Students. Receipts for budgetary items should go to Sharon Thompson, the Deanís administrative assistant. Dolly raised the question of whether we should be partially reimbursed for socials by CST if we are also invited to their Deanís Teas. After discussion, the consensus was that we would not ask CST for $ for the socials, but would probably ask for $ to help with the big parties.

II. Treasurer report (Mike Shufer): Mike presented his report of our current financial situation, pointing out our overages in postage and BBQ ($.17 and $30.01 respectively). Given that we have a bill for $500 more coming from the spring BBQ, there was some discussion about how to deal with that in the budget. [Informally after the meeting, we decided to charge it against BBQ, which would send it over budget but accurately reflect our expenditures.] We then discussed next yearís budget by examining our expenses this year. (See attached budget)
III. NEH Grant Proposal: Dolly reported that Karen Torjesen had contacted her very recently with regard to a grant proposal from the School of Religion to the NEH. She wanted a letter from the RSC endorsing the proposal, if indeed we did endorse it. The grant proposes a series of workshops, primarily for faculty, on Islam and comparative methodologies. Matt shared a bit on the rationale for this grant based on discussions at CGCR. The purpose of the workshops is to get the faculty up to speed for future integration of positionsóperhaps even endowed chairsóin other religious traditions. The main concern raised regarded student participation. As written, studentsí role in the workshops would be limited to observers. Among other points, it was pointed out that some students may have more knowledge of Islam than the faculty. The RSC instructed Dolly to contact K. Torjesen and express our concerns that students be invited to apply to participate fully in the workshops. 
IV. Composition of RSC next school year: Dolly asked who would be at least available and willing to stay on RSC next year, so we could know which areas we would need to recruit new members from. We will need new representatives from PRT and TEC. Don Peavy expressed interest in the TEC position, which was met with joy by the RSC. 
V. Future socials: 
a. April 18: we decided to attend the Deanís Tea @ 4pm @ CST
b. May 3: Don agreed to host this social, which will come just before the next Student forum (renamed to School of Religion forum)

Respectfully submitted,
Matt Thomas

Minutes of March 2001 Meeting:  March, 7, 2001
Attending:  Dolly Bush, Amy DeLorenzo, Matt Thomas, Michael Shufer, Nicole Zeger, Stephanie Sleeper, Jeanyne Slettom, James Johnson

I. Reflections on March 2nd Dinner ? Good turnout ? about 55/60 people.  We ran out  of food and need more vegetarian food next time (2:1 perhaps).  The faculty who didnít show emailed first to let us know.

II. Newsletter ? almost done, Amy will edit it and bring it to Meg Ferris.  Dolly will add the IAC events to it.  Discussion ensued regarding essay submissions for our next issue.  We decided to bring this issue up at the CGCR.  Hereís our proposal: Abstracts of 250 words or less will be submitted by students to their department chair.  The essay may be 3000 words in length ? to be submitted later.  A committee made up of faculty and students will be assembled to choose a winner (all areas will be represented).  Submissions will be due a week or two after classes end and are welcomed from all students ? in and finished with coursework. We will propose this and see what comes of it.  The contest will be announced in the newsletter. 

III. Student Directory ? Dolly spoke with Betty Hagelbarger about this project.  We need to create a form (Stephanie will do this) requesting info from students and a line that explains that they are releasing this information to us for the directory.  We will put it online and include research interests.  It can be arranged both alphabetically and by program.  We will try to include it in registration packets. 

IV. Student Forum ? The forum will be on  March 21st from 6-7 at the IAC library.  Mike will get a camera from AV and videotape the forum for us.  We need to advertise for it by hanging flyers and announcing it in classes.  K Torjesen will  be sending out questions via email to lead the discussion.

V. Advisor Survey Committee ? We will meet on March 14th at 4 in the IAC library.

VI. Letter to Richard ?Jeanyne forgot to do this but will prepare it for next time. 

VII. Minutes ? Dolly asked that we approve all past minutes ? passed.  We need to find the minutes for Sept. and Oct (Amy was not secretary yet ? Stephanie may have Oct.).

VIII. Officer Reports ? Matt and Amy reported that two new prof.s were added to the CGCR ? E Conde-Frazier and K De Troyer.  The policy regarding receiving an MA on the way to a PhD will be reconsidered by administration.  (This was sparked by a dual degree student who requested two MAís and was denied.)  CGCR is working on a plan to create an online chat with prof.s for students, alums, and prospies.  Matt and Amy will bring up the breadth exams again for next meeting. 

Dolly announced that travel award apps. are still being accepted by the GSC. The  GSC will be addressing the tuition increase via "official action" ? in other words, a letter to the Provost and Prez ? for starters.  The GSC is also working on getting more student representation on various school wide committees.

Nicole and Jeanyne talked about upcoming socials. Jeanyne will not be here for the 8th and 21st of March.  Matt will take over the 8th and Nicole will buy for the 21st if Dolly hosts.  Jeanyne will take care of the first social in April and weíll decide the rest at the next meeting. 

Nicole discussed the flyer for new students that explains the RSC- it will be in black and white and include the info from the website ? specific meeting times will not be named ? just "monthly meetings." Officers will be listed. (Stephanie will update the website with the names of new officers ? James will send her his bio).

James introduced himself to us (the CST rep).  Told us that heís a first year student, and retired from law enforcement.  He commutes from SD and is here on T, W and TH all day.

XI.  New Business ? talked a little about next year ? Nicole will need a replacement.  This concern will be mentioned in the newsletter.  James suggested using a tear-out form.  We will advertise on the website as well.

Minutes of Feburary 2001 Meeting


Minutes of January 2001 Meeting
RSC Minutes ? 1/24/01

Present:  Richard, Dolly, Amy, Stephanie, Garth, Matt, Jeanyne, Mike

Mtg. Convened at 4:15

I. Richard is resigning as President due to health concerns. He will continue duties as treasurer, and organizer of socials/parties.  Richard moved to vote Dolly in as Prez.  Motion passed.  Dolly may call on Jeanyne and/or Stephanie for assistance when needed.  Prez. will call mtgs, set agenda, interact with Dean monthly, pretend to be important, and speak briefly at the new student orientation (among other things). Richard will email all students to inform them. 

II. Newsletter ? it will come out sometime in Feb and any articles are due early next week.  We want it to be both functional and interesting (articles and calendar).  Meg Ferris is editing it.

III. Elections ? Discussion concerning amending the RSCís requirements for membership.  The Council will become more casual.  We will accept any number of volunteers from each department, one of whom will be a voting member.  Decisions over voting membership will be made by each group and, in the event of a problem, a coin will be flipped.  There will be a total of 7 voting members (one from each dept and one MA rep).  This new structure was formally adopted (Richard moved and Jeanyne seconded) pending Dollyís writing it up and sending it out for revisions (wording only).    Dolly will add this to her article for the RSC newsletter.  The last possible date for new volunteers is the first mtg day of the year. 

IV. Our spring party will be March 2nd from 5-9.  We are responsible for utencils, dessert and beverages (to keep cost down).  Still need to ask Pat Horn if the School will donate money to the dinner.  We have 500 available to use for the dinner.   (the Fall bbq was 500 and we paid half).  Stephanie explained that the money set aside for the website was not being used and asked that some of it go to buying software for the site.   Approved ? 100.  Garth will speak with Alan Deffenderfer about getting sw cheap/free.  Extra money at the end of the year will be used for the last social (there is no end of the year party).

V. Clubhouse ? Dolly still needs to talk with Pat Horn.  Ideas for the c.h. ? paint it, fridge, rug, chairs, insulation, a place to study with computer and books, display Coptic artifacts, student artwork.  We can apply for money from a foundation that funds educational renovations ? need some educational stuff in there. 

VI. The Dean wants to have a student forum.  Richard is trying to reserve Albrecht for March 21 or 28. Dolly will take this over. We need to encourage turnout for this as the Dean has asked us to organize it.  We will put it in the newsletter and perhaps call to remind people. 

VII. Richard decides to be controversial ? since we are the School of Religion perhaps we should concern ourselves with ethical issues, i.e. write an article abt Keck Grad Institute for the newsletter.  Matt knows a student with the inside scoop on this. He will get the info and give it to Amy who will write an editorial.  We will also ask for email submissions in response to the editorial.  Amy will organize a student forum to discuss this issue ? to be advertised in the newsletter.  Richard moved to pursue this, Dolly seconded ? passed.

VIII. Reports ? Richard has nothing to report.  Dolly told us about the successful GSC party this past weekend ? 6 rel. students showed up!  There will be a bowling night in three weeks.  Travel award app.s will come out in ten days ? max of 500 dollars.  Matt and Amy ? Next CGCR mtg will be next Wednesday.  Asked for suggestions to add to agenda.  We will ask Pat Horn to add discussion of breadth and diagnostic exams ? their purpose, standard policy on creating them, grading them, informing students about results. Will discuss difference between the two and how they are used. Request standardized policy(s) to replace the inconsistency and arbitrariness commonly experienced.  Will ask about advisors ? developing better relationships with them, what is the advisorís role? Will also ask about the German exams for PRT ? an amazing gulf in complexity from very difficult to rather simple; exams in NT ? must translate fraktur  (sp?) even tho primary author is almost completely translated already and very outdated.   Jeanyne suggested that we also ask about mid-year new students ? they receive no orientation ? are basically ignored.  Stephanie will get the website up as soon as Ed Bishop gets back with her (which may not be soon at all). Our website will be separate from the Schoolís website.  Dolly suggested that we include info sheets about the RSC in all inquiry letters for prospective students. It may even sway their vote.

Minutes of December 2000 Meeting

Minutes of November 2000 Meeting

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Religion Student Council, Thursday October 12, 2000 

Attending:  Richard Curtis, Dolly Bush, Amy DeLorenzo, Arik Greenberg, Nicole Zeger, Matt Thomas, Stephanie Sleeper (minute taker) 

1.  Report on Graduate Student Council from Rep. Dolly Bush 
Issues for 2000-01:  student health insurance, day care, website improvement (asked for suggestions), community building.  Announced social activities of GSC. 

2.  Empty position of Secretary filled.  Garth Reese nominated in absentia and received unanimous approval. 

3.  Report on  new Claremont Graduate Council on Religion (replaces Faculty Executive committee) from representatives Matt Thomas and Amy DeLorenzo. 

  • The CGCR is a "collaborative group" for all CST PhD and CGU MA and PhD programs in Religion. It plans to formalize the relationship between the School of Religion and CST in making faculty appointments, etc. Faculty members:  Karen Torjesen, Dean and Marv Sweeney, co-chairs; M. Dornish, K. Greiter, D. MacDonald, A. Min, T. Schneider, L. Ferrell, K. Baker-Fletcher, and G. Gilbert.   Issues discussed:  need for student funding at all levels and reconsidering language and breadth requirements.  RSC discussed potential need for a CST student representative to this group 
4.  President's meeting with the Dean.  Richard met with Karen Torjesen about student council and learned that she is pleased about the "organic" origins of our council.  She has hopes that it will be involved in creating a new alumni program.  Richard will have monthly meetings with her to keep her abreast of our issues. 

5.  Budget report from Arik, treasurer.  Total spent from budget so far this year (socials and RSC BBQ)=$402.59.  Total original budget for 2000-01=$3000. 

6.  Mentoring program and website update from Stephanie Sleeper, Asst. Secretary.  Website is nearly ready to be posted; new students and mentors have been given the description of the mentoring program and the names and email addresses of the mentors. 

7.   New Treasurer.  Arik removed himself from office for personal reasons.  A new treasurer, Jeanyne Slettom, was nominated in absentia and approved unanimously. 

8.   New Business:  Amy suggested an "open mike" type of forum to discuss the relationship between studying religion and the real world.  She will solicit suggestions from the student body.