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Each fall (and spring) many fresh-faced, eager new students arrive in Claremont to begin their arduous journey toward a graduate degree in Religion.  But graduate school can be a lonely place!  In order to help these new students find a laundromat and a good used bookstore and to help introduce them to the ways of the School of Religion and CGU in general, the RSC has developed a program to link new students with "seasoned" students in their field to give them the dirt on all of their requirements as well as strategies for surviving (or trying to, at least) in graduate school.  We also hope to keep students in the more advanced stages of their degrees in touch with newcomers and current happenings in the School of Religion (and, of course, the latest gossip) through this program.  In addition, because there is no formal Orientation in the spring, the RSC Mentoring program will provide a general introduction to the School of Religion and CGU in January for any incoming students.

So, if you are a new student in the School of Religion (or an old one who feels lost!), feel free to contact the mentor in your field through email to ask questions about anything you want to know!                       Field                                                  Name                                                   Email
Philosophy of Religion and Theology
Theology, Ethics, and Culture
Alan Van Wyk
History of Christianity
Garth Reese
Hebrew Bible
Matt Thomas
New Testament
Michael Schufer
Women's Studies in Religion
Dorothea Viale
General Master's Degree
Dolly Bush


Links for Mentors and Mentorees
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Libraries of the Claremont Colleges
Claremont Chamber of Commerce Website
Claremont School of Theology Website's Relocation Resources for Claremont, CA
Some Crust Bakery in the Village
Job Opportunities at the Claremont Colleges